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Bike standards raised for Bicester

Bike standards raised for Bicester

Two-wheeled travellers in Bicester and Caversfield will find it easier to lock up their bikes as the council emphasises its commitment to sustainable transport.

Cherwell District Council is working to make it more convenient for people to secure their bikes in the town centre and on Caversfield’s Buckingham Road with new and upgraded cycle stands.

The improvements reflect the council’s message that cycling is one of the healthiest and most environmentally friendly modes of transport. New cycle racks on Sheep Street will be installed during the week commencing 6 February.

Cllr Barry Wood, leader of the council, said: “Cycling is great alternative to driving and is key to our plans for Bicester. By improving cycle parking we hope we can make it as easy as possible for residents to take to two wheels and realise the health benefits of cycling.
“As well as increasing individuals’ activity levels, cycling has the potential to boost the health of the town as a whole, reducing motor traffic, promoting cleaner air and making public spaces more liveable.”

The upgrades are taking place at a variety of locations. The old racks on Sheep Street are being replaced with 18 new Sheffield stands. These will be spaced further apart to provide greater flexibility and accommodate more cycles.

In Caversfield, new covered cycle stands will be installed alongside the bus stop on Buckingham Road. This is intended to benefit people using the X5 Oxford to Cambridge bus service, as well as users of other local bus services.

Five stands are also being installed at the junction of St John’s Street and North Street.

During the installation period, cyclists are advised to use the bike stands in Pioneer Square.

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