Transport is a key issue in Bicester and improvements to local transport networks are crucial to ensure that people are able to move easily as the town grows.

The Bicester Area Transport Strategy sets out the plans for the entire transport network within Bicester.
Central to this is work to update public transport and sustainable travel networks in order to reduce congestion caused by journeys made by car.


While roads are being improved between residential areas and local employment areas, improvements will also be made to the routes around Bicester to encourage through traffic to use the peripheral routes rather than travelling via the town centre.

Bicester Village A41 improvement work

Work to significantly improve journeys in and around Bicester via the A41 entered its second phase at the end of February.

Contractors working for Bicester Village have completed work to transform the roundabout at the Esso petrol station into a ‘hamburger’ arrangement with traffic signals.

Work on the next phase of the A41 improvement scheme will involve changing the roundabout at Pingle Drive to a new road layout with traffic signals that will be synchronised with those at the ‘hamburger’ roundabout. Temporary traffic signals will also be in place at a later stage of the work.

The work will greatly improve capacity on all approaches to the roundabouts and the roads between them. The project is currently scheduled to be completed in autumn 2017.

Rodney House roundabout improvements

Works at Rodney House roundabout associated with development at Graven Hill are expected to begin later this year. This scheme will involve adding new traffic signals and improving capacity.

Bicester South East Perimeter Road

The accelerated growth plans for Bicester mean that a perimeter road is needed within the Local Plan period, likely in the latter half of the period between 2021 and 2031. This link road would relieve congestion pressure on A41 Boundary Way, providing a more appropriate route for through traffic, and facilitate measures to reduce traffic through Bicester to assist in creating a more attractive environment for sustainable modes, such as walking and cycling, particularly in the central area.

The proposed route connects with the A41 north of M40 Junction 9 at the junctions with Little Chesterton and Wendlebury and extends south-eastwards to utilise the bridge on Launton Road over the railway line. It then travels eastwards to connect with the land already safeguarded at Graven Hill, joining the A41 at Pioneer

While the county council has proceeded to seek to safeguard this corridor, meaning the land cannot be built on, delivery of the road is dependent on the outcome of a possible new junction on the M40 which has not yet been assessed.

When the county council has clarity on the possible future motorway junction, any decision about delivering a new perimeter road would need to be brought to the council’s Cabinet before it is progressed. Should the scheme be agreed, it will need to go through the usual planning processes, including environmental assessments, consultation, land acquisition and engineering design stages.

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