Between 2011 and 2031, more than 10,000 new homes will be built in Bicester in accordance with Cherwell District Council’s adopted Local Plan. The plan identifies the council’s preferred sites for development and the majority of the homes will be built across the following five sites:

North West Bicester = 3,923
Graven Hill = 2,100
South West Bicester (Kingsmere) = 2,468
South East Bicester = 1,500
Gavray Drive = 300

The homes will be a mixture of traditionally designed homes at Gavray Drive, South West and South East Bicester while at Graven Hill, the site will become home to the UK’s largest self-build housing scheme. Meanwhile North West Bicester will be built to the highest sustainability standards in the UK to create the first large-scale true zero-carbon development.


For people wanting to build their own home, Graven Hill represents a unique opportunity not seen before in the UK. Not only will the site deliver the country’s largest self-build housing project but it is subject to the first-large scale Local Development Order to simplify the planning process.

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Zero carbon living will become a reality at North West Bicester. Residents will be able to live, work and go to school in an environmentally friendly community. It will have its own sustainable energy centre, play areas, and green spaces designed to help wildlife thrive.

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Kingsmere is a new housing development that offers a wide range of houses from different developers. They are being built in a village-like setting, with a new primary and secondary school, healthcare centre and commercial centre within easy reach of residents.

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Development plans for South East Bicester are still in the early stages with a planning application for 1,500 new homes with amenities and facilities expected to be submitted by Boyer Planning in 2016.

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Although identified as a preferred site for the development within Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan, Gavray Drive is yet to be subject to any approved planning applications.

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Build! helps local people who are struggling to get onto the property ladder or to afford high rental costs. Individuals or groups of people can come together to either build a new home, or renovate a property. In return for the work they put in they can benefit from a reduced purchase price or lower rental rates.

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