North West Bicester

North West Bicester

NW Bicester in the Wider Bicester Context: North West Bicester (NW Bicester) is a unique project led by the A2Dominion Group to provide the UK’s first eco town.

This pioneering development of up to 6,000 true zero carbon homes has sustainability at its heart.

The 2014 Government announcement saw Bicester announced as the UK’s next Garden Town in recognition of its plans to deliver 13,000 homes of which NW Bicester makes up 6,000. The 13,000 homes will be delivered in two phases. The first phase will be in line with Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan, which outlined the delivery of 10,000 new homes at NW Bicester, Graven Hill and south west Bicester between 2014 and 2031. The remaining 3,000 homes will then be built from 2031 onwards.

Construction of the initial 91 homes at NW Bicester began in April 2014. The first homes for sale were launched under the Group’s FABRICA brand in June 2015 and marketed as Elmsbrook. Shared ownership and rented units were advertised early 2016.The first residents moved into Elmsbrook in April 2016 and construction will be completed by the end of the year.

Once complete, Elmsbrook will deliver 393 highly efficient homes built to true zero-carbon standards. The site incorporates a local centre comprising of: a combined heat and power district heating plant, community hall, nursery, a convenience store, small retail outlets, an eco pub/restaurant and an eco-business centre, delivered by Cherwell District Council with small business start up units and support for home workers.

The energy centre is an extremely large and complex piece of kit that is designed to provide heat and hot water to over 1,100 new homes, the school and local centre.

Elmsbrook is a unique development:

  • First and only development built in UK to meet original principles of PPS1 for eco towns
  • Largest true zero carbon development in UK, addressing the impact of both regulated and unregulated energy
  • Homes built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 incorporating triple glazing, rainwater harvesting (reducing consumption from 150l to 80l per person per day) and average 34m2 of solar PV per roof
  • 30% carbon reduction during build process through reduction in the embodied carbon of materials and local sourcing
  • Zero site waste to landfill during construction, including spill from excavations and construction waste
  • UK’s first new build HeartSafe community with automated External Defibrillators installed 400m from each home
  • Homes future proofed against climate change designed to prevent overheating based on 2050 weather set
  • Job Creation with 100mbps fibre broadband connection, eco business centre and dedicated home office space to encourage home working
  • Modal shift in travel patterns to encourage non-car use to reduce petrol/diesel car dependence from 67.5% to 50% by providing alternative sustainable transport options
  • Real time energy and travel monitoring in every home via a tablet that displays energy generation and consumption, live bus departures, home setting demonstration videos and community information
  • 40% green space to achieve a net biodiversity gain and enable healthy outdoor lifestyles
  • One of 11 One Planet schemes worldwide that has 10 guiding principles to achieve sustainable living within the earth’s ecological limits

Sustainable Travel at Elmsbrook

Grayline Coaches officially launched its brand new,low emissions zone compliant bus service in June.The 30 minute service operates from 6:30am to 7:30pm Monday to Friday.8am to 6pm on Saturdays, taking residents down the Banbury Road into Bicester town centre and serving Bicester Village train station at peak times.

E Car Electric Car Club (E Car Club)has now launched its hire service at Elmsbrook.
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