As the winner of three national awards, Cherwell District Council’s Build! project is making headlines across the UK for its innovative, proactive and successful approach towards the provision of affordable housing.

For people struggling to get on the housing ladder or who find themselves priced out of the rental market, the Build! scheme provides a unique solution by offering  residents a financial discount in exchange for undertaking some of the work  on their new home.

Where possible, in addition to providing much-needed affordable housing, Cherwell is also using the Build! project to regenerate brownfield sites. By purchasing vacant buildings or derelict sites, the council transforms these areas into new housing opportunities which improves the area for existing residents while providing homes for future occupants.

The properties are often completed to a watertight shell standard, allowing the residents to design and finish the interior works themselves for a reduction on the purchase prices.

To date the Build! project has won Cherwell District Council the 2014 and 2015 Build It! Awards for Best Council for Self Build and the 2015 UK Housing Award for Outstanding Strategic Local Authority of the Year award.

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