Garth Park Café

Garth Park Café

Bicester Town Council has delivered a brand new purpose built café and public toilet facility in Garth Park.

It has long been an ambition for Bicester Town Council to provide these facilities, and, as everyone that used the park previously knows, the toilets were well passed their sell-by date.

The new building is of an innovative design, its hexagonal shape taking inspiration from the bandstand in the park and the turret on the end of Garth House. It is of a timber framed construction and is being factory built off site by The New Factory.

It uses the underground rain water harvesting tanks left behind from the Eco Demonstration house that was deconstructed two years ago, for flushing the toilet facilities.

It has LED lighting designed by local manufacturer Zeta Technology which uses energy from solar panels on the roof ridges, that will also be stored in batteries for use once the sun has gone down. The café is run by Savoir Fare and provides light meals all day. An artisan bakery provides delicious home baked bread.

There is a meeting space available as well as somewhere to enjoy a coffee while the little ones enjoy the new playground. Event catering ranging from small wedding parties to civic dinners and everything in between can be facilitated. There are events such as craft classes, cookery schools, mother and toddler groups and anything else that you could imagine.

It seats a total of up to approx. 80 people in a flexibly arranged space.

For more information visit their website at www.sfare.uk/

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