With Bicester’s population set to almost double by 2031, it is important there are not just the homes to accommodate people, but the jobs as well. Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan has identified 138.5 hectares of land across six key sites which are allocated for employment purposes. The provision of the land is intended to support the delivery of 18,500 new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for the current and future residents of Bicester.

Elsewhere, Cherwell District Council’s regular Job Fairs and the Bicester Chamber of Commerce continue to provide jobseekers and businesses with support services to ensure the successful economic growth of the town and retention of local jobs for local people. With all parties working together to provide the necessary support for new economic investment at the new sites, as well as working to help existing companies based in the town to grow, it is intended to attract a variety of new businesses with a variety of jobs to meet the skillsets of all residents.

Employment sites

The safeguarding and provision of jobs is vital to the successful growth of Bicester and as such, the Cherwell Local Plan allocates six new sites to accommodate major employment opportunities across a variety of sectors. The combined area equates to 138.5 hectares and offers the potential for 18,500 new jobs to be delivered in Bicester up to 2031.

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